Human lifespan is too short for all of the simulation programs I want to write.

In memory of John Conway, may he rest in peace.

Prehistoric simulation game in your browser (Desktop only): Prehistoric

Hydrology simulation in your browser (Desktop only): Hydro-Sim

Run any cellular automata setup on a short descriptive json: Cellular-Automata


Currently working as SDE for aws ram, share your AWS resources among different account!

I used to work for AT&T in the past as a data scientist(title)/engineer(actual).

My Projects

Something someone in addition to myself might find useful/fun

  • portscan:

    A pip module that use multi-threading to scan IP blocks for pre-specified ports. Github link
    $ pip install portscan

  • sqlitedao:

    A pip module that provide abstraction for sqlitedao for personal projects Github link
    $ pip install sqlitedao

  • prehistoric:

    A browser game that simulate prehistoric economies on PIXI. Github link

  • particles:

    Play the particle game: Particles

  • diaryman:

    I've never had more diaries written until it's available as a single command. diaryman.sh (Github)

Go to my Github Account for more interesting things!

I also learn and help people through Stack Overflow.

Vim or Emacs?
vim, of course.